Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bugfix to the xpath generator.

A user was kind enough to point out that when generating xpath for list items the xpath was generated wrong. It started at index 0 instead of 1. This is fixed.

Before when generating xpaths for this xml


The first item would result in this xpath.


But now it is like this.


As it should be. =)

Automatic xpath generation

Another feature xmltoolbox has is the ability to automaticly generate xpaths. The tool can be found here

If you have an xml that looks like this.

    <listitem>first list item</listitem>
    <listitem>second list item</listitem>

Then you click on the element, attribute or text you want the xpath generated for. For instance if you click on content you will get this xpath.


If you click on the first and second list item you will get theese values.

XmlToolBox - Formatting xml.


The most used feature for XmlToolBox is the format xml.

To use it go to and in the big text area add the xml you need formattet. If you for example add


And press format xml.

It will be formattet like this.


It makes it a bit more readable.

Kind regards.
Ole Bille